Create the perfect website and make your online presence elegant!

For us, the development of a website is formed through the eyes of the users. We put ourselves in their shoes to actually understand the "experience". The creative side then has a solid platform where we define the colors, messages, iconography, appearance and engaging interactions that reflect your business brand.

Creative design and an enviable digital shape.


Content writing in an intelligent way, based on innovative graphic elements.


We design and develop, following an extensive set of tools and ideas, respecting the latest trends.


We extend the digital patterns through a clean, exact and specific structure.

psc technology website dezvoltare mirciulica

A fast and efficient development process

From the strategy workshop, to defining the user's personality, configuring the information architecture and designing wireframes to pixel-perfect icons, we make sure that every step of the process is followed diligently. The result is a stunning, mobile-friendly design that acquires, retains and delights the user.

Strategy workshop
We define User-Persona
Analyzing the competitors
Building the architecture
Low fidelity sketches
Wireframe in high resolution
Definim procesul si schita UI
Define the development timeline

We deliver exceptional results respecting the 6 principles.

We narrow down the options

The more choices we offer the user, the less likely they will be to make a decision. We keep the elements in a reduced form.

We save space

We believe that keeping negative white space is necessary. We offer users more organization and understanding of the content.

CTA in key positions

We convert the visit into action, offering users a responsive content and the chance to interact relevantly and simply.

Color and contrast

We follow the psychologies of colors to contrast the desired content, leaving a positive and helpful impact on users.

Familiar content

We offer visitors brand content to familiarize their vision through a conceptual brand that is easy to remember.

Consistent branding

We preserve the colors, essence and content of your brand, making a long-lasting first impression and offering the user a memorable experience.

Choose integrated, optimal and reliable services.

With us you have the opportunity to have the most optimal services, necessary for any project regardless of its nature.

We increase the performance of the services offered through modules fully developed by our team and ensure a need for efficient and exceptional frameworks and plugins.

Responsive & Retina Ready

We are committed to deliver a responsive website, adapted to any device and browser.

Typo & Creative

We provide you with hundreds of accounts and color palettes according to your preferences.

Mentenanta & Update

Modifying and adding content becomes easy with the platform we offer.

SEO Ready!

You have already integrated SEO services for an exceptional promotion.

Scalabil & Performant

The offered platform can be improved and developed according to your needs at any time.

3rd Party

Regardless of the needs, we offer a stricture prepared for any 3rd-party module.


Exceptional performance through quality structure and well-written source code.



scor PageSpeed


scor YSlow

We optimize the CSS and JS code of the project,
in a reduced and clean form.


Fewer CSS and JS files

Now you have everything

Free consultation

We offer you free consulting sessions, before and after the development of your project.

Teach & learn

Our experts will generate tutorials and complete documentation for the developed product.

Customer support

You have customer support 12 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday, regardless of the nature of the problem.

Effective recommendations

You are up to date with the best practices and functionalities in the web field to improve your project.

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