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Give your business the opportunity to develop online!
With PSC you have the management of orders and products, their delivery, customer relations services, marketing, social and hundreds of other services, all in one platform.

Complete B2B/B2C solutions for your business, regardless of your industry.

Choose PSC as your partner in the development of the online store. We provide you with a set of tools and complete services, to develop and implement an effective system for the sale and administration of your products.

Solutii personalizate pentru magazine online cu volum ridicat.

WooCommerce ofera personalizare ridicata si functii avansate de vanzare si asistenta dedicata pentru a ajuta magazinul tau online sa creasca.

magazine online construite cu WooCommerce
din magazinele online cu incasari de 1 milion.
din totalul de website-uri este construit pe WordPress

We deliver an unparalleled experience in online shopping.


Standard Development

We use coding standards for the construction of the project and the creation of extensions, taking into account the optimization and good functioning in their use.

Custom UX/UI

Our team is committed to delivering the best solutions in this regard, using experience and dedication in maintaining the balance between performance and page speed or building data display applications.

Product manager

We offer essential and scalable systems and tools for your products, through which you can upload, modify, distribute, centralize and improve information, simply and quickly.

Server or Cloud

Regardless of the chosen option, server or cloud, we offer you maintenance, configuration and maintenance packages, optimal for the structure of the developed product.

We synchronize and integrate efficiently

In order to maintain a standard position alongside the business tools offered today by the multitude of online service providers, such as online payment systems, delivery systems, marketing systems, accounting, online commerce and many others, we come to your aid and we offer an efficient and specific integration.

It integrates all services in a single platform.

A multitude of effective solutions for your needs.

ecommerce psc technology services checkout 01 01
Checkout process optimized and fully equipped. Analysis, customers, payments, delivery, events, integrations and much more...
ecommerce psc technology services search instant 01
Search Instant
You have also integrated for free the fastest product search system through Algolia.JS, within the limit of 10,000 monthly searches.
ecommerce psc technology services filters navigation system 01
Advanced filtering
Now you have the most optimized filtering and navigation systems through the variety of products, integrated into your project.
ecommerce psc technology services unlimited landing pages 01
Unlimited pages
We offer design and implementation of Landing pages, free and unlimited. Enjoy an online store the way you want it!

Intuitive design

We build fast and easy-to-use solutions, through an intuitive flow with minimal effort on the part of visitors and an increased conversion rate.

Engaging experience

It offers users a unique experience and a memorable shopping service. Impressions, loyalty and benefits.

Management strategies

We provide you with a wide range of information and strategies for fast, efficient and optimized management.

Dezvolta cu psc. noul tau magazinul tau online si bucura-te de toate avantajele unui produs dezvoltat prin cele mai noi tehnologii.

Resurse pentru magazinul tau

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