We help any type of business to grow.

Our story
starts with you

PSC Technology brings together a team of passionate minds to turn your visions into reality, offering you an extraordinary digital experience. From website design, development, scalable applications to eCommerce platforms, the solution we design accelerates efficiency and fuels the growth of your business.

Since 2007, we have committed ourselves to reach and increase the level of performance in any developed project. Using the power of technology, we offer end-to-end solutions for small and medium enterprises. Art and culture inspire us in what we do, and our presence is noticed.

We define a process of strategy, design and development that helps us reach the final goal, quickly and efficiently. An art of thinking!

Our mission is to help the development of companies through innovation, consistency and the quality of the services provided.

We develop and offer digital products that lead to success!

  • We go through the entire project based on the proposal and the initial agreement.
  • We establish a detailed idea about the client's business goals and objectives.
  • We understand the competitive landscape and the target audience.
  • Clarificam toate intrebarile pe care le are echipa noastra, dupa analiza initiala.
  • We understand and document the design and branding preferences of the client.
  • Establishing Assumptions and Constraints!
  • We create the necessary documentation for the development of the project.
  • Obtaining confirmation from the client on the materials.
  • Defining the project plan.
  • Defining the design and branding lines of the project.
  • We design the user interface of all project screens, based on the design structures.
  • Specific design for web, tablet and mobile.
  • We use the latest trends in web design and display.
  • Source files in Photoshop format.
  • We meet the requirements of front-end, backend, web and API integration.
  • We are preparing an efficient Agile Scrum strategy.
  • We consider aspects related to multi-tenancy, scalability, 3rd-party integration.
  • We set a frequency of 2-3 weeks for sprints/stages, local -> staging.
  • Creating a clean and optimized code structure.
  • We involve reviewing the client weekly or per sprint.
  • We manually test and fix errors quickly and efficiently.
  • We provide quality versions and video demonstrations.
  • We make sure that everything works properly.
  • Project improvement.
  • Regular security audits.
  • Local and cloud backups.
  • Constant updating of the platform / modules;
  • We fully test the system to find possible errors and incompatibilities.
  • We monitor traffic and optimize according to the needs of your business.
  • We offer a quality CI/CD process.
  • We have innovative ideas for any kind of project.

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